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Your Wildlife guide in Almeria and one of the famous nature photographers in Spain:

I am absolutely thrilled and pleased to introduce you to Jesús Contreras.

He is THE Insider of Almeria, surprising not only tourists, but even local people with his knowledge about the province as well as wildlife photos.

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Want to discover and explore the REAL Almeria "live"? Take action! Souk up the beauty and nature of ALMERIA. Dive into a different, lost world, untouched by mankind. Discover rare fauna and flora and learn to see Mother Nature through the eyes of the Magic 'OZ'!

Jesús Contreras is the founder of Oz Nature Tours - Almeria and you can now join him on his tours through Almeria's Province, discovering the most paradisiac spots.

Wildlife Guide, Jesús Contreras at work,
leaving no stone unturned:

Join Jesus on a tour:

Regular Day Trips


A global visit to the so-called “The Plastic Sea”, located in the Western part of Almeria. We will either travel on top of the mountain or below, along the hillside. You will get to understand the significance of this amazing patch of land covered with plastic greenhouses. In order to completely understand  the area, we will also cross the protected marshes and salt pans, enjoying very interesting habitats and bird species. 

260€ / Day Trip


This is a visit to a protected natural area, unique in the world. We will drive through restricted areas where we also will do some short treks to amazing locations. During this trip we will be trapped in time and will be embraced by the history of people living here along centuries.

260€ / Day Trip


This option offers you a combined trip through different natural areas (Cabo de Gata, deserts & mountains). The trip has been designed for those who want to explore the habitats of Almeria in only one day.

300€ / Day Trip


At only one hour from the coast of Almeria we will find ourselves at 2000 meters above sea level. Blue sky, Wildlife, amazing landscapes and abandoned ancient hamlets will transport us to another world. This itinerary crosses the mountains from east to west side, where we will learn to understand mother Earth, human and natural history by reading the stones in the highs.

300€ / Day Trip

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Day Trip 5 – TRANS/NEVADA 

Located in the westernmost area of Almeria lies the Sierra Nevada mountain range. During this journey, we will cross the high summits of this ridge above 2000 meters (a.s.l.), from west to east; one of the most amazing and finely preserved places in all Andalusia. Stopping here and there at any moment to understand the wildlife of the area, taking photographs and enjoying the beauty of this National Park.

340€ / Day Trip

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A nice and quiet trip along the lowest mountain range (Sierra) of Almeria, close to the coastline and the town. From its highs we can see all the greenhouses down in the plain as well as enjoying amazing views of the Tabernas deserts and badlands. We will follow the clues of people living here along centuries, among old oak trees, and forests.

280€ / Day Trip

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Day Trip 7 - TRANS/DESERT  (WEST) 

The desert in Almeria is too big for being visited in only one day. This trip runs across the western side, driving across “ramblas” (temporarily dry riverbeds) running through Sierra Nevada, Filabres and Alhamillla mountains. Picturesque places lost in the middle of nowhere will delight us while you shall receive information about every place you are visiting. 

280€ / Day Trip

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The Easternmost side of the desert is one of the most well-known places in Almeria surroundings. Film locations of old western films, the ancient seabed shaped some million years ago and other geographical aspects makes this trip a pure adventure in the place called “Tabernas desert”. A unique place for studying and understanding the geological origin of Earth. Pure geology and lively sensations.

280€ / Day Trip


This trip runs across the moorish ancient  area of the Alpujarras, on the Almeria side.  A region that preserved  its cultural heritage and memory. From the higest villages in the mountain till the lower ones in the river, we will see and understand this amazing area where local people live in their traditional houses roofed in reed and “launa” (powdered slate).

260€ / Day Trip

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This is a trip takes us to ancient and almost abandoned villages built up in slate. Some of them were date back to arab times. These are places with a special charm because one learns about how human life must have been some thousands of years ago, just by watching the inhabitants, kind and polite people. The Berber culture has remained intact and many ruins scattered throughout  in the fields tell us about old battles, shepherds and wolves and a very rough way of life. 

260€ / Day Trip

Last but not Least our Highlight:

Day Trip 11: El Desierto Azúl | The Blue Desert Experience

Esta ruta tiene su nombre gracias al cielo y mar azul que predominan en Almería durante todo el año. Visitaremos tanto al Desierto de Tabernas, como el Parque Natural Cabo de Gata, donde distrutará de unas vistas incomparables, aprendiendo sobre Geología, Fauna y Flora de estos espacios naturales protegidos.

340 € / Ruta

This trip gets its name from Almeria's blue sky and blue seaside almost all year around. We will visit most desert landscapes, both in The Desert of Tabernas and The Natural Park of Cabo de Gata, where you will enjoy breathtaking views and learn about Geology, Fauna and Flora of these protected Natural areas.

340 € / Day Trip

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Optional Nature Trips on Request

Wildlife Guide Spain Birding Trips

One Day Birdwatching Trip through the Naturalpark of Cabo de Gata where we will observe Greater Flamingo and other species, while driving in a 4x4 vehicle through the awesome volcano landscape.

Filabres Trekking

Our hiking tour starts in the historical village Velefique, located in the heart of the Sierra de los Filabres mountain range. We will hike ancient stone paths with breathtaking views over mountains, admire white-washed villages while enjoying fauna and flora.

Wildlife Guide in Spain Desert Field Trip

Our 4x4 vehicle will take us through the Badlands of the Desert of Tabernas, where we will discover lost filming locations, fauna, flora and some oasys, while learning about its geology. This tour is ideal in spring and autumn.

Deer Rut in Spain Deer Rut

Only available end of September. It is a 2 day tour and we will stay overnight in the mountain village Bacares. This tour aims to develop a night route in motor vehicle and / or cycling (cost included for both cases), astronomical observation through a telescope and night search of wildlife. During the day there will be an ethnographic and interpretive route with your wildlife guide through the mountains, besides the culinary pleasure that will await us.

Snorkeling Day

Summer months only! We will be snorkeling the Marine Reserve of Cabo de Gata Naturalpark, where you may learn and see many marine creatures, corals, plants and fishes.

Please do not hesitate to ask for a personalized tour!

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The above is our official trips price-list for 2013-14, including guided service in private Jeep, for max.  4 persons. For larger groups that require different vehicle (minivan or coach) please contact me. All our prices include legal taxes.

Wildlife-Guide Oz Nature Tours is a project addressed to Nature Lovers and those who want to explore the amazing Open Natural Museum, namely Province of Almeria, from a totally Insider point of view.

We’ll take you to lost places, you couldn’t even imagine they existed, from deserts to snow-peaked mountains. You will see, experience and learn about paradisiac landscapes, ethnography and birdwatching, geology, mammals, history insects, stars and sky at night…

If you prefer to explore and arrange your trip by yourself, we may provide you with a 4x4 car (seats 7), up to two telescopes, three binoculars for nature and birdwatching, plenty of literature and other instruments. Of course we can also arrange accommodation at our friend’s Rural Houses, either at the coastline or inland, as to your preference.

We don´t do traditional tourism. Our guests are no tourists but friends who will feel at home.

For more information, drop me a line, using the below email-form:
Jesús Contreras
Official Registered Guide No: RTA: AT/AL/00054

Contact Jesús Contreras

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