Welcome to Almeria,
Spain's best kept secret hideaway

'What or where on earth is Almeria?'.. Did I read your mind? Well, here we go:

Video courtesy: Diputación de Almeria (Almeria County Council)

You surely know Spain and you even might have travelled to a few of Spain’s Regions, visiting a variety of Spanish cities. Perhaps you have even been to Spain’s Southern Region of Andalusia…

BUT, do you know Spain’s best kept secret? – ... where the sun has gone when it disappears in the rest of Spain? – It has gone to:


This still “unknown” province of Andalusia (Spain) and yet very unique place in Europe is ideal for those, who are looking for a real hideaway, unspoilt nature, plenty of sun and adventure. 

Plan your Holiday

Few places have the natural beauty of this Andalusian province. It's geography is so wide-ranging that it combines the beautiful mountain scenes of the Sierra Nevada Nature Park with the spectacular beaches of the Cabo de Gata Nature Park.

Here in this breathtaking and different Andalusian Province, you might find out that:

Nothing in life is what it seems to be:

  • You thought that most spaghetti westerns were shot in Texas or Arizona? - NOPE! Sergio Leone discovered this corner of Spain in the 60s and since then it has become a film location for countless movies and commercial spots. 
  • You were confident that John Lennon must have composed his evergreen song 'strawberry fields forever' in a cosy cottage overlooking a strawberry - NOPE! He got inspired right here, in the Desert of Tabernas. Strange, isn't it? 
  • You were convinced that Federico Garcia Lorca's play: The Blood Wedding was fiction? Well, here you will find out that it is based on a true story! 

Urban Legends

During your stay, you may come across many urban legends, like the birthplace of Walt Disney being Mojacar or when visiting Mini Hollywood, you may stumble into Henry Fonda's secret son, like I did. And of course, before you explore the Cabo de Gata Naturalpark, don't miss to read about Federico Garcia Lorca's Blood Wedding!

Be prepared, this province will surprise you!

(click on image to enlarge)

Take a trip to the center of Earth or explore the Universe..

indaloDon't miss visiting Europe's most important and impressive karst topography namely the caves of Sorbas and you will be surprised by the treasures this province hides. Did you know that the world's most impressive geode was found in this Andalusian Province?
indaloBut maybe you would prefer exploring the Universe at Calar Alto observatory... No matter what you are up to, in this province you will enjoy pure adventure!

Fancy some unique Spain vacations?

From the volcanic regions and awesome beaches of Cabo de Gata and the desert regions of Tabernas, to the fertile foothills of the Alpujarra, the gateway to Sierra Nevada..

...whatever you prefer, mountains or beach, snow or sun..

Almeria has got it all!


Stick with me and uncover one of Spain’s best-kept secret hideaways and, who knows, you may end up with some unforgettable Spanish holidays!

Have fun!

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"I love your page. My parents are both from Almeria and the Indalo has ALWAYS been a part of my life. As a matter of fact he's tattooed on my left ankle.."
Vacaville, United States

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"Viva Almeria! Fantastic website! I wish I had all this information about Almeria before my 1st visit, 4 years ago. I tell friends, that I went to Almeria because of the films, and now I watch the films because of the place. It is a really inspiring place for me, and there is still lots for me to see on future visits. Keep up the good work on your site. Best wishes,"
Adrian M.
Belfast, United Kingdom

"Hey,I just wanted to congratulate you for the creation of this web, it's so nice to read all of this about your place when you are abroad. It's great to see how Almería is a real "kept secret" not many people around Europe know it, but when they do, they love it. It's just such a broad combination of landscape and amazing places.. I miss it so much! Once again, thanks for creating this web!! great job! Best,"
Copenhagen, Denmark

"Howdy, I was looking over your website and I found it very useful and interesting. Almeria sounds like a wonderful place. I thank you very much. Sincerely,"
Ricky Davis
Birchwood,United States

"Please send me more information about shooting a western film in Almeria..."
Dave G.
Hollywood,CA Los Angeles, United States

"Hello, I am great fan of Sergio Leone...next days I will be in Spain and I would like to visit Almeria and locations of Sergio Leone film location. Thanks for the PDF book Landscapes of Cinema"
Rosario V
Salerno, Italy

"Hi there, We are looking to film a Music Video shoot at the Old Western Town in Tabernas...."
Northampton, UK