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Self-guided hiking tours in Cabo de Gata (Almeria, Spain)

Why not choose one of the following Cabo de Gata tours? After having virtually explored Cabo de Gata and its awesome beaches , you may want to take action. The following information, tour suggestions and brochures are a courtesy of the Town Hall of Nijar (Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Níjar). You will find sign posts like the one on the left throughout the Park, indicating you that you are presently visiting a special sight, that is part of the following routes:

Choose a Tour by Theme

Note: that while some spots can be reached by car (although on a dirt path), others can only be reached by bike or on foot. Please download the corresponding brochures for detailed information. 

Movie Location Tour

This is one of the Cabo de Gata tours that takes you to the film sets seen in "The Rat Patrol" (1966), "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly" (1966), "Johnny Yuma" (1966), "The Executioner" (1969), "A Fistful of Dollars" (1964), "Gunmen of Río Grande" (1964), "Day of Anger" (1967), "Gringo Spara" (1968), "Una pistola para Ringo" (1965), "Yo soy la Revolución" (1966), Tepepa (1969) or some chapters of the series Curro Jiménez (1977),"The Wind and The Lion" (1975), "The Adventures of Baron Münchausen" (1988), "Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade" (1989), "Las cosas del querer" (1989,"The Man who Lost his Shadow" (1989),"Yo soy la revolución" (1969), "Tiempo de buitres" (1967), "Los Cuatro Tuhanes" (1968) or "Agáchate maldito" (1971). You will also visit the REAL crime scene of Federico García Lorca's "Blood Weeding"!

Download Movie Location Tour Brouchure here >>

Download detailed Movie Location Tour Brochure here >>

Diving and Snorkeling Tour

The geo-diversity of Cabo de Gata's landscape, and it's contrasts, offers you volcanic and marine formations, exclusive in the entire peninsula. It is a paradise for divers and snorklers. Being this Region an ancient pirate’s refugee you may experience some unforgettable dives. This tour will show you hidden treasures like: "El Vapor", "Los Amarillos y Los Burros", "Cueva del Francés", "Piedra de los Meros", "La Amatista", "Cerrico Romero"...

Download Underwater Tour Brochure here >>

Download detailed Underwater Tour Brochure here >> 

Volcanic Tour

This tour introduces you to the virgin volcanic beaches, it's fauna and flora and it will take you to: "La Granatilla", "Cortijo el Nazareno", "La Boca de los Frailes", "San José", "Los Genoveses’ Beach", "Mónsul Beach", "Los Escullos", "La Isleta del Moro", "Rodalquilar" (House of the Volcanoes). There is a viewpoint in Isleta del Moro, where you will get a fantastic overview of the entire volcanic coastline!

Download Volcanic Tour Brochure here >>

Download detailed Volcanic Tour Brochure here >> 

Pirate Tour

This is one of the most exciting Cabo de Gata tours, since it will remind you of the battles at open sea that went hand in hand with plunders. Apart from this the pirates had sea skills, so they knew how to assess (apart from natural treasures) the strategic advantages that these lands gave them. This tour takes you to some of those strategic points, such as: "The Fortress of Los Escullos", "La Isleta del Moro", "El Mirador de la Amatista", "Torre de las Alumbres", "The Playazo and The San Ramon Fortess", "Las Negras Cove" and "The Fortess of San Pedro"...

Download Pirate Tour Brochure here >>>

Download detailed Pirate Tour Brochure here >> 

Ethnographical Tour

Choosing this one from all Cabo de Gata tours, you will learn about the magic people achieve, by growing the famous "Tomatoe Raf" and other vegetables under the sea of plastic. You will also learn about the local traditions and craftmannships. Don't forget to buy yourself a "jarapa" as a souvenir! This tour will take you to: Campohermoso, Fernán Pérez, Finca Rey Raf, Los Albaricoques, the village of Nijar, where you will visit the Scenic Arts Centre of Níjar, the Town Hall Square, the Washing place and gully of San Antón, the watchtower Atalaya...

Download Ethnographical Tour Brochure here >>

Download detailed Ethnographical Tour Brochure here >> 

Water Tour

On this tour, you will learn about the effort of several generations of people from Níjar, who rolled up their shirts to challenge an imperative occupation: Water! Walking through its wells, dam and mills you will realize the town’s determination to face droughts, the environment’s dryness and its hope to fight it. So this tour will take you to: the village of Níjar, Rivera de los Molinos, Huebro and Pantano de Isabel II amongst others...

Download Water Tour Brochure here >>

Download detailed Water Tour Brochure here>> 

Mining Tour

The permeability and the porosity are not only properties of the soil, but also of all visitors who feel the interest and who want to discover the volcanic origin of Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park. This tour takes you to many mining spots, where you will learn about the gold-fever and other mining resources. You will visit: la "Venta del Pobre", a Thousand-Year-Old Olive Tree, Aguamarga Mineral installations, the gold mine of Rodalquilar, the Volcanic House, and the Cortijo del Fraile...

Download Mining Tour Brochure here >>

Download detailed MiningTour Brochure here>> 

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