Maybe one of the best
naturist beaches in Spain:

Playa de los Muertos
(Cabo de Gata Natural Park)

"Lets spend a day at one of the best naturist beaches in Spain", my husband suggested a long time ago. He referred to the 'Playa de los Muertos' (the Beach of the Dead).

Playa de los Muertos - Naturist Beach in Spain

 I thought he was kidding and replied, “yeah, of course.. thanks, but without me! If a beach is called like that, this is surely because everyone who enters into the water will ‘kick the bucket’.” 

But he explained me, where the name of the beach came from (read on, and you will find out once you arrive at the Viewpoint of the Playa de los Muertos): 

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Please note that nudism is being tolerated at most rural beaches in Cabo de Gata Natural Park.

However, the best known Naturist Beach in Almeria is located in Vera, in the West of the Province:

Of course, next day we headed to ‘Playa de los Muertos’, in our opinion, one of the best naturist beaches in Spain.

I'm already regretting to share this secret and show you one of our favourite hiding places. It is a heavenly place. We often long to spend our holidays at one of the best beaches in the world or on a virgin island, while we have such small paradises closer to home than we imagine.

Getting to Playa de los Muertos:

La Playa de los Muertos is located in the Levante region, near the town of Carboneras. It is the ‘entrance gate’ to the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata – Nijar , (where you can find the best naturist beaches in Spain). Take the A7 Mediterranean motorway and turn off at the exit of Carboneras, as we go, the road splits in 2 . Take the right and pay attention because there is a deviation to the left to access the parking.

Playa de los Muertos - Cabo de Gata Natural Park in Almeria, Spain

If you go there from Mojacar, you may also follow the direction to the village of Carboneras. It is a road with many curves, but beautiful views. There's one thing that scares a little and it is almost when you arrive at Carboneras. You’ll suddenly be on a cliff of tremendous height and from above you can see the village of Carboneras (awesome views!). Once you get to Carboneras you’ll have to follow the new road, until there is a turn-off and a signpost indicating: ‘Playa de los Muertos’. (There is a parking. Leave your car here, because immediate access to the beach is impossible. You’ll have to walk.)

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The Viewpoint ‘Playa de los Muertos’

Before descending to the beach, lets go to the viewpoint first. From the car park to the viewpoint it is a 5 minute walk or so. Once you arrive here, you’ll agree with me. It is AWESOME. I had never seen anything like it in my life, promise! You can see the Playa de los Muertos beach below and honestly, from here, it looks like one of those best beaches in the world we have all seen in travel magazines! 

Playa de los Muertos - Almeria, Spain (Cabo de Gata Natural Park)

Here you’ll understand where the name of this beach comes from. There is a sign describing the bitter story of dead pirates, merchants and sailors that the sea spat on the beach. All were drawn here by the currents. But relax! This happened many, many years ago! 

One of the best naturist beaches in Spain: Playa de Los Muertos

Hope you won’t wear high heels, but sport shoes. To get to the beach you must walk about 1 km off-road, taking one of the following trails. – It will be quite an effort, specially when the sun burns down on you, but once you get to the beach, you’ll forget everything.

There are two alternatives: 
You may take the trail that starts at the information kiosk, which is a bit longer but its slope is much less pronounced. If you go with children and beach bags, it is the best option.

Hiking trail to reach Playa de los Muertos

The other alternative is for adventure lovers. It starts at the viewpoint (balcony) area. While it is shorter (you gain some 5 minutes) its slope and rocks and stones make it much more difficult.

Naturist Beach in Spain: Playa de los Muertos

Once you reach the beach, somewhat tired, you’ll see a series of volcanic cliffs that grace the landscape with curious shapes, an area with rocks forming small lakes, crystal clear waters ... your effort has been worthwhile. Welcome at one of the best naturist beaches in Spain! May be I should mention that in 2007 it was voted by Spaniards as the best beach in Spain.

However, if you prefer crowded beaches and beach bars, then, this is not the right place. Being an isolated beach, of course, there are no services whatsoever. You ideally may want to spend a whole day here, to make it worth the trip and the walk. So bring plenty of water, backpacks and snacks as well as an umbrella and sun protection.

Playa de los Muertos, Almeria (Spain)

This beach is very quiet. People go there to enjoy the silence and to flee from the bustle. 

It is a pebble/gravel beach, which may be a disadvantage if you want to build a sand castle, but then it has advantages as it won’t stick to the body and you may enjoy an awesome foot massage! As it is heavier than sand it does not cloud the water. I had never seen such a crystal clear water before on a beach. The gravel is white, which makes the water take a turquoise blue colour.

It is one of the best naturist beaches in Spain, where nudity is tolerated. Usually people who practice it move to the far right, in a small cove behind a huge rock that is vertical on the shore.

At the Playa de los Muertos, you won’t get bored. Its magnificent waters invite you and you can see all sort of wildlife such as silver fish in the water, clams on the rocks, shells, gulls... get a nice tan, rock climb, watch the landscape, throwing pebbles into the sea, meditate and recharge batteries...

Playa de los Muertos

..and when you leave this heavenly place, you’ll feel as if you die a little..

Here's what other visitors have said:

Review submitted by Magot from France 

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