Tapas Bars

by Pete Rollinson

I first came to Almeria in November 2007, working for Lloyds Register as the Senior Civil Engineer overseeing the construction of the Gas Terminal on Perdigal beach, near Almeria airport. Although my past work takes me far and wide, my home is now here, in Aguadulce.

Since I arrived, I have visited so many different tapas bars its hard to remember how many. Because I worked with real locals I was quickly baptised into the local tapas and cuisine. For example, not many people know that some of the best basic seafood 'plancha' tapas can be found just outside the airport in a small village called El Alquian. Go there on Sunday morning when the local market is on. PS - It's not a place for being dressed up. For those that have never experienced tapas and are nervous of what it offers I would suggest Oasis Bar 51 at the top of Almeria's most popular street, the Paseo.

If you are not sure where to find it, Google maps point straight to it. The list is small but very simple and a delight. I have taken many people there for their first 'infusion'.

From there you can travel East, West and South, exploring the delights. What I would like to mention is a very new tapas bar, only opened very recently. I was introduced to it by one of my past work friends. Its called Tapas y Na'Mas (Tapas and nothing more). Its actually much more. I have to say, I don't think I have eaten a flower before but I have here! This bar specialises in local beers, wines and un-altered biological food. The Chef (who I believe was born in Valencia) is French and loves to provide his customers of individual flavours of each vegatable and meat he prepares.

The only negative I found is that you shouldn't expect your tapas to be delivered rapidly. But its worth the wait. The bar is only about 250 metres from the Oasis. Go direct east from the Cajamar bank at the top of the Paseo, then follow North/East along Calle Granada. Continue about 150 metres and you will find it on your right. Its not open Sundays or Mondays. Finally, if you do follow the route to this bar you will on your route, find THE best Patatas Bravas bar in Almeria and a super fast service and selection tapas bar that competes with the famous Casa Puga. I have only just discovered this one but will surely be making it a 'regular'! In another blog I hope to introduce you to the delights of Aguadulce (if the webmaster lets me :) )

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