Sierra de los Filabres

Almeria 's main Mountain System
- a place for Nature Lovers! -

Visiting the hidden villages of the Sierra de Filabres, is one of the most comforting and enriching spectacles to be found in the entire Province of Almeria. Most of the villages and hamlets are so unspoiled that they still retained their charm and do look much as they did in the 16th century.

This is the main mountain system in the Province of Almeria, lying within the larger unit of the Betic Cordilleras. Occupying the central area, it is about 50 km from East to West and 25 km wide, covering an area of approximately 150.000 hectares. The average height above hectares.

The Sierra de Filabres separates the two main water basins in the Province, namely the Andarax and Almanzora rivers. Its climate is classed as arid Mediterranean, with annual rainfall of 360 l/m2 on the lower slopes and under 500 l/m2 on the peaks.

You will find an abundant flora in this area, varying depending on the altitude. From pine forests to forest-floor vegetation, with clumpy and thorny scrubland above 1,800 m.

It includes the “piorno Amarillo” and “crucecitas”, which flower in early summer.

The mountains are also home to many aromatic species, particularly rosemary and thyme, which are traditionally collected by local people and sold for culinary use.

Among the vertebrates found in the area, birds make up the largest group with over 110 species, most of which are migratory. Many birds do nest here, including eagle species, peregrine falcons and owls, which feed on small mammals, reptiles and smaller birds.


Other bird species found in this area include the roquero solitario, colirrojo tizón and collalba negra. The larger ungulates are represented by the wild boar, mountain goat and wild deer. The most abundant predators are foxes, civets and wild cats (the only wild felines found in the province of Almeria).

If you want to enjoy the peace and tranquility of a beautiful landscape, this Sierra awaits you with a warm welcome.

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